aporia is an educational organization founded on the Socratic suspicion that political life calls for philosophical examination. We seek to promote thoughtful civic engagement through programming that cultivates an understanding of the philosophical foundations of political life and skills for political discussion, analysis, and critique.

Our history

aporia began in 2015 as the Justice Project, a human rights initiative for protecting and promoting the rights of those living on the margins in Cyprus. Our initial programming centered on campaigns and events advocating for social change. In that capacity, we formed partnerships with various local organizations, such as the Office of the UNHCR and the University of Cyprus. Over the years, we’ve transformed ourselves into an educational organization, with a focus on public seminars and events.

The Team

Rajiv Hurhangee is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in ethics and political philosophy. He holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago. He can be reached at rajivhurhangee [at] gmail.com.

Eleni Courea is a political journalist at The Times in London. She holds a BA in Human, Political, and Social Sciences from King’s College, Cambridge. She can be reached at eleni.courea [at] thetimes.co.uk

Antonis Michael is a co-founder of Basis, a health startup. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Philosophy from MIT. He can be reached at antonism [at] tutanota.com.


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